The Indiana-Illinois Secret Abortion Trade

Here in Illinois we get a lot of abortion business from other states. Surrounding states have laws that require parental involvement for minors. Illinois’ Parental Notification of Abortion law has been held up in the courts for 15 years! This causes secret long distance abortions to be imported to Illinois from other states.

Many people who work with teen pregnancy, abortion and counseling women know this fact anecdotally. However, this video provides a vivid example of how this actually works in practice. Thanks to Lila Rose for this great video!

Video: Parental Notice in Indiana, not Illinois

It’s sad that this is common practice and that the only reason this clinic worker lost her job was because the general public found out about it.

Parental Notice in Illinois is Needed

Parental Notice in Illinois is needed to stop this dangerous practice of separating minor daughters from their parents! Join the coalition and Sign the petition to enforce Illinois Parental Notice!