If Alaska Can Do It, Can’t We?

parental notice abortion The American Papist Blog reported last week about Alaska’s victory for Parental Notice. This should offer us hope for eventually getting Parental Notice enforced here in Illinois ending the secret abortion industry! Stopping secret abortions on minors would take us one step closer to ending all abortions in IL and making sure all minors are safe.

Yesterday Alaskans voted to approve “Ballot Measure 2″ which requires that parents in Alaska be notified before their teen age 17-or-younger daughter has an abortion. Alaskans passed this pro-life initiative 55-44, though the Anchorage Daily News didn’t even bother to mention the final figures in their coverage.

Let’s get this straight – Planned Parenthood opposes the idea that girls under 18 should have to inform their parents they intend to get an abortion, despite the medical risks associated with abortion, despite the fact that most every other non-emergency procedure already requires parental notification if the patient is a minor, and despite the fact that a majority of Americans support parental notification laws.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU funneled $800,000 into its campaign to stop Measure 2, five times as much as supporters (the Knights of Columbus was the biggest financial supporter of the measure).

Congratulations to Alaskans for Parental Rights for a successful campaign (and impressive website), and to all the men and women who voted for the measure and helped gather support for this commonsense measure which will save lives. And way to make Planned Parenthood waste some resources.

UPDATE – Michael New points out that this represents the first time pro-lifers have succeeded in passing a parental-notification law using the citizen-initiative process. More proof that the pro-life grassroots is becoming activated!

LetParentsKnow.com will be consulting with our supporters and coalition members to see if a ballot initiative is viable in Illinois. What do you think? Comment below.