Top 4 Ways to Support Parental Notice this Christmas

It has been over 15 years and Illinois girls are still not protected! Illinois is in desperate need of legal protection for young girls who are pregnant.

We need to continue working towards this goal:

Build a bigger and more influential coalition to defend minor girls from the abortion industry!

There are so many people and organizations in Illinois who want to protect these young girls! I need your help to find them and build this coalition. You’ve already taken the first step by joining yourself, but yominor parental noticeu can do so much more! Here’s how…

The Top 4 Ways to Support Parental Notice this Christmas

  1. Post a comment with suggestions of organizations or groups who we should contact to get on board. If you have their contact info that would be a huge help! (email it to us here: [email protected] )
  2. Send an email to your friends and family asking them to join the coalition and sign the petition.
  3. Do you have friends who are bloggers or who are in the media? — Send us their info so we can spread important information quickly and to as many people as possible! (email it to us here: [email protected] )
  4. Finally, make a Christmas or year-end gift to help us keep up this work.
    1. Support the Lawyers! – The Thomas More Society has done a lot of the crucial legal work in this case. Please also consider supporting them financially here.
    2. Support – These gifts will be matched by a generous donor. Click here for details.

With your help, we will be able to build a stronger coalition to protect young girls from the abortion industry!