Protect Our Daughters!

Don't let politics get between you and your daughter!

It’s Been Too Long

Parents have a right to know when their daughters are going to undergo a potentially life threatening medical procedure. For the past 15 years, parents have been kept in the dark about underage abortions in Illinois.

The Illinois Parental Notification Act of 1995 has been in legal limbo since it was enacted nearly 15 years ago and that is just too long! It’s time to protect Illinois teens and make sure their parents are involved with major decisions like abortion.

A Great Opportunity

We have a great opportunity right now because The Thomas More Society has filed a motion to transfer the parental notice case to the Illinois Supreme Court so that it can finally be decided and this limbo can be put to rest. (Download the Motion here)

It is crucial that this motion is accepted to allow parental notice to be settled. This is where you come in!

Take Action!

You can be a part of making history and protecting teens and their unborn children! Call the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, and ask her to support the Thomas More Society’s motion to transfer the Parental Notice case to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Call now!

Don’t delay! This issue is time sensitive! Attorney General Madigan needs to hear from you!

Chicago Main Office: (312) 814-3000
Springfield Main Office: (217) 782-1090
Carbondale Main Office: (618) 529-6400

It will take less than 2 minutes to pick up the phone right now and call Attorney General Madigan. Those 2 minutes can make a BIG difference in the future of parents rights and teen safety!

Calling Attorney General Madigan right now is the most effective thing you can do to protect Illinois teens.

**When you call, remember to ask Attorney General Madigan to support the Thomas More Society’s motion to transfer the parental notice case to the Illinois Supreme Court.**

Sign the Petition!

Dear Attorney General Madigan:

As a resident of Illinois, I fervently urge you to support the immediate transfer of the parental notice case to the Illinois Supreme Court. The daughters of Illinois have been left unprotected for too long. Parents’ rights to protect their children have been denied for too long. It has been fifteen years since the Illinois Parental Notice Act was passed.

Your support of the motion to transfer would send a strong signal to the Supreme Court that it should end the long delay and pass final judgment on parental notice in Illinois. Please stand up for Illinois teen girls.



Please fill out the form below fully to sign the petition.

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